Meet our 2018 Marathon Team: Phil Monday

As a Utah resident, Phil is the team member who is definitely traveling the farthest this November! However, Phil isn’t running alone, his brother Patrick will be running alongside him, we’re told that is until one of them beats the other. They are sharing their training tips as time goes on but know that they both love a little friendly competition. Phil found out about Answer the Call through Patrick who works as an EOD officer in the Navy. When he was stationed in New Jersey the brothers had that opportunity to form relationships with the New York Police and Fire Department. Philip and Patrick have the utmost respect for these servicemen. When asked why Philip wanted to run for answer the call he said, “I want to join such a noble cause to help those who’ve experienced indescribable tragedy and adversity, by not only raising funds for those families, but pushing myself to earn it with the ultimate test of endurance and fortitude”.

This will be Phil’s second marathon, the first one was taking place in Utah. He has only ran races in nature and is a little nervous about an urban race. He likes the inclines and declines hills give and being surrounded by nature on his runs. Being in a city surrounded by tall buildings instead of tall trees is going to be a different feeling for him. He is prepared for the challenge!

This is something that he loves about running, the mental and physical challenge it gives. He has gotten very into fitness and pushing his limits, now in the best shape of his life. Phil likes to run obstacle courses as well as marathons in his spare time. Another passion of his is to become a published author and his favorite thing to write is poetry. We can’t wait to cheer on the Monday brothers this November!


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This interview was conducted by Margaret Coyle, a Summer 2018 Developmental Intern.

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