Women Who Inspire Us: Eileen Treanor

National Women’s History Month:

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Written By: Intern Juliana Weiss

Captain Treanor of the NYPD

Eileen Treanor on Answering the Call

When asked what inspired her to become a New York Police Department Captain, Eileen Treanor answered: “I always had a feeling inside me that I would like to help people.” As a teenager Treanor listened to her older brothers talk about ‘“the job.”’  She admired their enthusiasm: “it made me think to myself…I want that!”

Captain Barry Brown, FDNY

Treanor joined the NYPD in order to honor the memory of her father, an FDNY Captain who was killed in the line of duty in 1982. “I just wanted to make him proud,” Treanor says, as she remembers her hero, “I can’t think of anything greater in this world than putting your life on the line for others.”

Treanor, who has retired from the NYPD, often looks back on her years of service, remembering the incredible men and women who she served with: “This is what I miss the most,” she says. Men and women, who like her father and herself, will be forever remembered and honored in our hearts for their service. “It means everything to me that my dad will never be forgotten,” says Treanor.

Would Treanor like to encourage other young women to follow her example? Absolutely: “I encourage young women to say to themselves, if she can do it than so can I.” Treanor believes every young woman, no matter where she is from or what she wants to do, can achieve her dreams: “If you think you can do something, you can! Be confident. Believe in yourself. Set goals and work hard to achieve them.”

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I encourage young women to say to themselves, “if she can do it then so can I.”

When asked about the impact that The Benefit Fund has had on her life and career, Treanor says that the annual stipend has been particularly helpful: “Over the years it has helped to pay bills that otherwise would have been very difficult.” Treanor says that her family is forever grateful: “The Fund has helped my family have hope for better days.”

This year, as with many previous years, Treanor and her family look forward to attending The Benefit Fund’s 32nd Annual Game and Family Day at Citi Field: “We have a great time remembering our father and making new memories in his honor.”

Treanor with family 2014

Treanor with family 2014

7 Comments on “Women Who Inspire Us: Eileen Treanor

  1. Dawn Shroba says:

    You are an incredible role model and selfless woman. Thank you for your service and helping other. I know your father is beaming with pride along with your siblings , especially John.

  2. Miguelina Puello says:

    The best female supervisor I had the honored to work With. I’m proud to call you my sister in blue and to have known such an exemplary human being. Always fair and partial with everyone. I will always be honored to have worked side by side with you and had the opportunity to know you as a friend . BFF .

  3. Robert Rodriguez says:

    I worked with her as a police officer in the 44 Pct. What a pleaser it was to deal with her. She always had a smile that would make he day better. She always took care of business and was just a well rounded cop.

  4. Jorge Velez says:

    She was an awesome person, supervisor… She was a blessing to anyone she came across her! Miss her very much! J. Velez 40 pct!

  5. Brenda Otero says:

    I had the pleasure of working with her. She was truly one of the best bosses I ever had. I wish there were more like her. She had a heart of gold & more importantly had your back. Housing PD. Wonderful person.

  6. William P. Treanor says:

    Eileen is an incredible Wife, Mother. and Daughter-in-Law..

  7. Alice Peeples says:

    Heart greetings from WA state. Your auntie Joan has told me of your wonderful work as a police officer.
    How wonderful it would be to meet you some day when you visit the Northwest. Very best regards on your retirement. Alice Peeples

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