Day in the Life Program: Patrick Lyons at PwC

“Day in the Life” is our mentorship program where the teenage and young adult members of our families get to discover new possibilities for their future goals.

Patrick Lyons is the son of FDNY Lieutenant Patrick J. Lyons, who lost his life in the line of duty on September 11, 2001. Patrick Jr. spent the day with PwC, a professional services network that works worldwide in audit and assurance, tax, and consulting. Founded in London, England over a century ago, PwC began with William Cooper, who started an accountant practice. In 1998, after a series of merges and introductions to new specialties, it became PricewaterhouseCoopers, or, PwC. 

Patrick worked alongside Gerry Flynn, a partner at PwC specializing in the pharmaceutical industry. Patrick learned more about the different services PwC offers and the company’s office environment. Within the cybersecurity services, PwC focuses on ensuring the safety and security of the increasing amount of digital media companies are responsible for. 

Patrick spent time learning about several different aspects of work at PwC, though he particularly enjoyed finding out about cybersecurity. He has family in this field and he also likes computers. At the end of his experience at PwC, Patrick is even more interested in the field. “I am looking forward to learning more in college,” he said.

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