Day in the Life: Sean Jordan with the 76ers

“Day in the Life” is Answer the Call’s mentorship program that allows teenage and young adult
members of the families we serve, to discover new possibilities for their future goals. This year the program went virtual and participants had a video chat session with their mentors.

Sean Jordan is the son of Andrew Brian Jordan Sr., an FDNY father who was killed in the line of
duty on September 11, 2001. Sean is interested in pursuing a career in the sports field, as he
has loved sports his entire life. During his mentorship day, he had the opportunity to work with
Susan Williamson.

Susan Williamson is currently the Senior Vice President in Business Operation at Harris Blitzer
Sports & Entertainment (HBSE). She works with the 76ers, Devils, minor league teams and other
properties within HBSE. In 2014, Williamson joined the team as Vice President in Marketing,
and prior to that, she worked with the NY Knicks basketball team for 10 years. She is a native New Yorker who grew up on the Upper East Side and attended Stuyvesant High School in downtown Manhattan.

Overall, Sean very much enjoyed his mentorship session. He learned the importance of obtaining
internships—so that he gains experience in his field of interest and helps him stand apart from other candidates. His favorite part of the session was speaking with Susan, learning about her experience of working with the Knicks, and connecting with her on LinkedIn afterwards.

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