Meet Our Marathon Team: David Kilsheimer

For the past three years, David Kilsheimer and his wife Eve have been involved with the Benefit Fund in several ways. From joining us for events such as the Kickoff to the gift-wrapping drive, they have dedicated their efforts to Answer the Call. Running the NYC Marathon will not only fulfill one of David’s dreams but allow him to contribute to a cause that is significant to him.  While David has had the opportunity to run eleven marathons across the country, this will be his first time running in the NYC Marathon.

David began to run in 2006 and hasn’t stopped since. Running the NYC Marathon has always been a dream of his and he is excited to run on behalf of the Benefit Fund. Despite his background, David has been training using the NYRR training program web app. He plans to not only conquer the race course but reach his goal of staying under four hours.

Although David is not a first responder himself, he has had the privilege of having some of New York City’s heroes in his family. His great-great-great grandfather and grandfather have served with the FDNY while his brother is currently serving as a Police Officer. He empathizes with those we serve because he acknowledges not everyone has had the opportunity to grow up with a grandfather. According to David, “it was an easy decision to join [the] team and help out.”

David takes pride in being a New Yorker and has contribute tremendously to the community. We look forward to see David complete his twelfth marathon as this is the race he’s “been chasing for 10 years.” We admire David’s excitement and wish him the best of luck!


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