Meet Our Marathon Team: Matthew Carey


At the young age of 17, Matthew Carey got involved with the firefighter program at the town he grew up in. Today he maintains the position as Search Manager in the New Jersey’s Urban Search and Rescue Team, which is a division of the New Jersey State Police Homeland Security Branch. Besides being a member of emergency services, Matthew also considers himself to be a “humble athlete.” He began racing back in 2008, when he was training for his town’s 5k run. Ten days prior to the race, Matthew welcomed his children and never got to participate. Running eventually became a routine after he decided to go on a random run during a vacation in Cape Cod.  He began to train for whatever was on the calendar, varying from 5k runs to ½ marathons.



Matthew is excited to try out his first full marathon. To prepare for this event, Matthew signed up for the NTRR Virtual Trainer 18-week program. As the weeks progressed, Matthew is very happy with his results. Today, his run keeper app says he has ran 206 tracks and 1,290 miles. Besides his 18-week program, Matthew credits his wife Susan for her tremendous support, as she cares after the children while he is out training. Running is certainly a love for Matthew. He never imagined to accomplish half of things he has accomplished due to running. Matthew decided to Answer the Call since “it best reflects [his] support for and a life in emergency services.” The people who have supported Matthew, whether it was emotional support or donations for this cause, have motivated him to train every day. We admire Matthew’s dedication and we cannot wait to see Matthew complete his first marathon!


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