Meet our 2018 Marathon Team: Jackie Lockwood

All marathon runners have a huge goal they share, however, one runner has that goal x 50. Jackie Lockwood has a mission to run a marathon in every state totaling 1,310 miles! Jackie started racing only 4 years ago and has thus far completed 7 marathons. She has checked off Rhode Island, New Jersey, Vermont, California, West Virginia and New York.

Her obvious passion for running has been there all along. She has always been active, playing soccer growing up and then continued running after college. Some of her friends had run marathons before and she thought a marathon would be a nice challenge for her. She hopes to set a new personal record for this marathon, finishing between 3 hours and 59 seconds and 4 hours and 15 seconds. Her best time so far was 4 hours and 36 seconds.

Jackie’s biggest fear is burning out during training. Right now she is very into Orangetheory fitness and wants to make her training schedule to allow time for both running and her Orangetheory classes. She knows she’ll have to cut back but really enjoys any kind of high intensity work out. After a good workout her favorite post run meal is 2-3 eggs, bacon, and avocado on bread.

Answer the Call is a very important organization to Jackie as she’s no stranger to the work first responders do. Her father was a police officer and so were his parents, she also has a grandfather who was a firefighter. She heard about this organization through her cousin, Toni Ann, who is on the Junior Committee of Answer the Call.. The work Answer the Call does is very close to her and she is honored to run for such an organization.

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This interview was conducted by Margaret Coyle, Summer 2018 Development Intern and has been edited for readability. 

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