Meet our 2019 Marathon Team: Adam Lublinsky

Adam Lublinsky is a Baltimore County Fire Fighter running for Team Answer the Call in his first NYC Marathon. When he was looking into a fundraising team for the marathon, he wanted something near and dear to him – something that he can wrap his heart around and support fully.

Adam knows from personal experience how important being there for the family is after their loved one dies, so even though he got into the marathon through the lottery this year he reached out to us and asked for an honorary spot on the team to raise money. Of his experience, he says “I experienced a line of duty death at a fire I was on in 2011. I have had a chance through the years to get to know the family and watch his boys grow up. I joined the Honor Guard after that fire because I truly believe that not only should we not forget the member that has died, we owe it to the families to not forget them as well. It is so important that we show them love and support. When I read Team Answer the Calls mission statement, I knew I wanted to run on the team.”

This year Adam runs for the firefighter they lost in 2011, Firefighter Mark Falkenhan, and New York City Fireman Calixto Anaya Jr. from Engine 4, a friend’s nephew, who died in 9/11.”

About a decade ago, Adam got into trail running, he had mountain biked and rock climbed previously; however, he went with a buddy running and discovered how much he really enjoys it. When he trains, Adam thinks solely of the race at hand – he tells himself to keep going knowing that the marathon is only seven months out, in order to keep motivated. Adams knows that when it comes to training, his biggest challenge presents itself in the form of putting in the miles and figuring out his nutrition.

When he’s not running, Adam spends his spare time raising his kids – taking them to lacrosse games, boy scout meetings, etc. He likes to spend time with his friends and family, work out/lift weights, and work on his jeep. After a run, Adam likes to settle in with his favorite post run meal – a beer and pizza.

To the families of fallen first responders Adam would like to say “I am deeply sorry for their loss. As a Firefighter myself who has been involved in a line of duty death, we do not forget your loved ones and we do not forget you.”

Click here to donate to Adam’s fundraiser!

Written by Megan Safina, 2019 Spring Intern.

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