Meet our 2019 Marathon Team: Anne Windberry-Mordente

Anne Winberry-Mordente started running about three years ago right after her brother, Patrick, passed away as a method to help cope with her grief. She was working overnights and not sleeping great so running ended up being a great stress reliever. Anne likes to clarify that she is by no means a runner and this will be her first time participating in a marathon. The biggest challenge that she faces is actually getting the motivation to get up and go running; the run itself feels so daunting before you actually go out and do it. However, she finds herself inspired to run by knowing the pride that she faces at the end of it – “there’s a cool feeling when you go out and say ‘I started here and now I’m ending here,’ whether it be five or ten miles there’s a pride and sense of accomplishment in knowing that you did it.”

When Anne runs in November, it’ll be both for herself and for Patrick. She knows that he’s probably watching over her and laughing as she attempts to train, but she feels incredible knowing that before this she could barely run a mile and now she’s attempting to run 26.2. Since she’s turning 30 next year, Anne is running to prove that although it’s daunting this is something that you can accomplish at any age.

Patrick was a Police Officer in the 104th Precinct, and Anne says that from the moment he passed away there was an incredible brotherhood among the NYPD, even though Patrick didn’t die in the line of duty. Anne had originally heard of Answer the Call through Patrick, and she believes that this organization adds tremendously to that support for people in such a difficult time. Both the first responders’ community and Answer the Call are “there for people when they’re at their lowest, they pick you up when you’re down,” she says.

When she heard that there was an Answer the Call team to run for in the marathon, Anne knew that she had to run for us as a way to give back to the first responder community. Anne loves to run in the morning so she normally finds herself craving a bacon, egg and cheese. In her spare time, Anne likes to hang out with her husband and dog, going on walks now that the weather is nicer. Some days, however, she’ll settle in and watch Netflix or read when she gets a moment.

To the families of fallen first responders, Anne wants to say “It’s great that you have this support system set up for you – that they’re there for you and they become your second family. All first responders should be applauded because they’re running into danger when everyone else is running out.”

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Written by Megan Safina, 2019 Spring Intern.

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  1. Deanna Chirillo says:

    I know you’ll do great Annie! Good Luck!

  2. Florence Mayes says:

    Good luck Annie!! Go girl!

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