Meet Our 2020 Half Marathon Team: Catherine McGuire

Catherine McGuire is looking forward to running her third NYC Half Marathon this year, and her first marathon as a member of Team Answer the Call. Catherine first started running in 2014 in preparation for her first marathon. She had always watched the marathon and admired those that took a part in it. In 2014 she decided she wanted to do it herself, and since then it has become a great hobby that helps keep her focused. In fact, Catherine even says she is “addicted,” and strongly encourages anyone to try it, because it has become such a large part of her life.

Although, Catherine has already run in three marathons, this is her first marathon running on behalf of a charity, and she is very excited to support the efforts of Answer the Call. Catherine first heard about Answer the Call last year through a friend that is a member of the junior board, and she attended Answer the Call’s 2019 Red and Blue Soiree.

Growing up with her father in the NYPD she relates to the sacrifices that the families of first responders make and is appreciative of Answer the Call because she recognizes that her family could have potentially been on that they serve. Furthermore, Catherine is currently a civilian employee at the headquarters of the FDNY and has seen the way the whole department comes together when there is a loss. As a life long New Yorker, and growing up around New York’s first responders, Catherine feels very connected to the community that Answer the Call serves. To the families of Answer the Call, Catherine says, “Stay strong, I know this is an unfortunate circumstance, but you have a tight knit community that is here to support you.”

Catherine is grateful for her family and friends that have been so supportive of her throughout this process. She also wants to thank all those that are currently serving and have served as a New York first responder- being a lifelong New York she has seen their hard work, and wants them to know that it is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help support Catherine’s fundraiser please click here. 


This interview was conducted by Rosie Oates, 2020 Spring Development Intern.

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