Meet Our 2020 TCS NYC Marathon Team: Candice Nagle

As the wife of a New York City firefighter, Candice Nagle is very honored to support Answer the Call while running in the NYC Marathon. Candice and her husband got married just six weeks before the 9/11 attacks. It was this tragedy that pushed her husband to join the first FDNY class after 9/11. As a new wife and seeing the loss that so many families had to deal with after 9/11, Candice was very worried about this decision. However, it was the community within the department, and getting to know the families, that helped her with this transition. In the 18 years that her husband has served in the FDNY she has seen many first responders lost, including those within her husband’s house. It is when she sees their families standing strong and proud, despite the loss of their loved one, that she is encouraged to help.

As a wife of a firefighter she is constantly praying for her husband to come home. However, Candice is also so proud and impressed with her husband’s selflessness and innate courage while asking for so little in return. Candice knows firsthand the selfless sacrifices first responders make at great cost. Furthermore, our first responders are always there to support us- especially now. When many are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, our first responders are still out serving their communities.  This why Candice is so encouraged to give back to the families of first responders that are also sacrificing so much for others.

While Candice is very excited to support Answer the Call, she is also very excited to be running in the NYC marathon because running has been such an important part of her life and helped her through one of the most difficult time in her life. After losing her child when she was 31 weeks pregnant it was running and going to the gym that helped her through this tragic loss. She says, “Seeing everyone running and coming together, and the way running brings people from all walks of life together was very inspiring.” It is because of the way running has done so much for her that she wanted to commit her third marathon to something bigger and chose to support Answer the Call.

Although the time commitment is daunting, especially as a full-time teacher and mother, she knows that running makes her a better person. She also is motivated by her husband who always encourages her to go out a run. Even after long shifts at work he is always willing to come home and take care of the kids so she can go out and run. Candice is also very grateful for her kids that will be cheering her on in the marathon and giving her snacks!

If you would like to help support Candice’s fundraiser please click here!

This interview was conducted by Rosie Oates, 2020 Spring Development Intern.

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