Meet our Families: Monica Rogan, Daughter of FF Matthew Rogan

On September 11, 2001, Monica was only 10 years old. She was sitting in class when she learned that something had happened in Manhattan. “I already had a bad feeling,” Monica said, recounting the events of that fateful day. Monica’s family stayed up all night watching the news – scanning the screen, hoping to spot her dad. The Rogan family did not receive the official notification of his death until a month after 9/11. Though he had been missing, the family was holding out hope that they would find him safe. They later learned he died while helping evacuate people from the hotel directly across the street from the World Trade Center.  Because of his heroism, countless people were saved.

Monica and her Father, FF Matthew Rogan

Even though Monica still battles tears as she speaks about the loss of her dad, she never wishes that he hadn’t become a firefighter.  Monica knows her dad loved being a firefighter and that he lived to help people.  Monica is incredibly proud to be his daughter and works to continue his legacy of service. After her dad’s passing, Monica learned that her dad had a dream of one day pursing a career in nursing. Inspired by his dream, she decided to serve her community by becoming a registered nurse.

Matthew was a firefighter through and through, but he was more than that as well.  He was a loving husband, a wonderful father, and jokester.  Monica remembers fondly how he used to make prank phone calls to his family and friends.  Monica laughs as she recalls her father signing her tests for school using celebrity names instead of his own.  She remembers the last time they were able to celebrate his birthday with him in 2001.  They went to one of his favorite Mexican restaurants and had a great time.  Each year since then, the family gets together on June 20th, to celebrate his birthday.

FDNY Firefighter Matthew Rogan

Answer the Call has been supporting Monica’s family since the death of her father in 2001.  They provided immediate financial assistance and then continued to provide annual support each year since then.  Their goal is to provide Monica’s mom with an annual stipend each year for the rest of her life.  In addition, the charity hosts events for the families.  Most recently, Monica attended the 35th Annual Game and Family Day at Citi Field, surrounded by other families who have experienced a similar loss. “It’s nice to know that you’re not alone,” she said.  Monica said she thinks he dad would have loved Answer the Call and she is confident that he appreciates the support that is being given to his family.

Monica and her siblings

Monica’s mom celebrating her birthday


4 Comments on “Meet our Families: Monica Rogan, Daughter of FF Matthew Rogan

  1. Pamela Puleo says:

    Loved the story. It’s heartwarming to know that such a horrible time in the countries history has given rise to a tradition of caring and helping people in need. It shows that evil is always overcome by good.

  2. Diane Durand Jackson says:

    I think of you often and pray you are all well. I know “Matty” as my mom always called him, is so proud of all of you. You’ve grown into wonderful young people. Missy is amazing. I will send this along to my Dad, uncle Skeets. I send love and a round of hugs.
    Cousin Diane

  3. mike berry says:

    in 2 days i’m doing this event. they gave me your dad’s ID badge to climb in his memory. i want you to know i’ll be thinking of him and your family the whole time – i’m going to carry a 60lb sandbag to help realize the weight of the gear they carried up the stairs and a tiny fraction of what they did on a daily basis prior to 9/11. i can never realize what they did that day. never forgotten. never forgiven. thank you.

  4. Eamon Cowman says:

    I had the privilege of working with your father many years ago in rainbow landscaping, we were good friends he was a very dedicated and thorough worker even at that young age we had many great conversations and shared a few drinks .I recently visited the memorial and found his name and said a prayer . I still think of him often .A good friend taken too soon. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam .An Irish blessing.

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