Sean & Kyle’s 3rd Annual Lemonade Stand

Sean, 7, and Kyle, 5, Griffin put on their third annual lemonade stand on Friday, August 2 and, once again, are donating the profits to Answer the Call! The idea took shape in the summer of 2017, when the brothers decided to have a lemonade stand in their grandmother’s front lawn. Rather than keeping the profits for themselves, Sean and Kyle decided to donate all of it to the families of fallen first responders. The boys’ father, NYPD Sergeant Matthew Griffin, have inspired them to think of all first responders as superheroes. Just like in past years, Sean wore his police officer uniform!

The first year of the stand was a huge success. They raised $2,000 at the stand in just three hours and $5,000 with their online fundraiser for those who could not attend. Ambulances, firetrucks and police cars lined the streets, all coming to support Sean and Kyle’s lemonade stand. Last year, the boys raised over $15,000, though their goal was only $1,500.

This year, Sean and Kyle raised $3,404 on the day of the lemonade stand, though their numbers are still growing! Combined with their online profits, the stand has raised $12,709 so far. Streets were lined with police cars and firetrucks. There were also some special guests in attendance such as R2D2 and some petting zoo animals!

Once again, the lemonade stand has helped raise money to go towards our organization and the families of fallen NYC first responders we serve. The online fundraiser is still going on so If you’re interested in donating and couldn’t make it to the stand, you can click here! Thank you to Sean, Kyle, their parents Debi and Matthew, and anyone else who donated for answering the call! 

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