Women’s History Month

In honor of women’s history month, we want to take a moment to remember and thank all the women, past and present, who have taken an oath to keep New York City safe by serving in the NYPD, FDNY, and PAPD.


In particular, we remember in a special way all our female NYC responders who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. 

We remember Irma Lozado, who was the first female officer in New York City to make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.  In 1984, at just 25 years old, she was killed while attempting to arrest a robbery suspect.
We also remember in a special way two brave women we lost on September 11th.   NYPD Officer Moira Smith, who left behind a husband and young daughter and  PAPD Captain Kathy Mazza, who left behind a husband.
                                   Moira Smith                 Kathy Mazza
We also remember all the women who died from illnesses and injuries sustained in the line of duty, such as EMT Tracy Allen Lee, who left behind a husband.
tracy allen lee

To all the women who have Answered the Call and to all those who continue to Answer the Call for New York City:  We thank you.  We salute you.  This month and every month.

2 Comments on “Women’s History Month

  1. Victor Lee says:

    Very strong women. Victor Lee widower of Tracy Allen Lee

  2. Karen Capasso says:

    God bless them. God needed angels in Heaven and took the best. RIP my sisters. ??

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