John Neary (left) and Edward Munshower (right)

Meet our Board: Ed Munshower

How long have you been involved with NY Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund and how did you get involved? I’ve been with the organization for 15 years now – I joined the team within the week or so following the 9/11 attack (in 2001) upon seeing a lot of fundraising for the…

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Norm Cerullo

Meet Our Marathon Team: Norman Cerullo

           This might be Norman Cerullo’s first time running on Team Answer the Call during the New York City Marathon, but he has long been a supporter of The Benefit Fund. Over the years he has been involved with our organization in a variety of fashions, which includes serving on our…

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Meet Our Marathon Team: Raymond Salamone

Raymond Salamone has been serving in the NYPD for 23 years now and counting. He originally began his career with the Transit Police, but eventually found his way to the 110 th precinct where he is currently working. At the age of 23 he didn’t have a “strong calling” to become a police officer, but thought it might…

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Jason Stein

Meet Our Marathon Team: Jason Stein

While the New York Police Department is known for having officers that are great at what they do and dedicated to protecting the people they serve, the same can be said for countless other police departments around the country. Take Jason Stein for example. He is a 22 year police veteran and has been serving…

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Meet Our Marathon Team: Stephanie Littell

Answer The Call is honored to have twelve devoted runners in the 2016 New York City Marathon. One dedicated runner, Stephanie Littell is running to honor those who have lost their lives in the line of duty and to provide for any future, dedicated, individuals who any make the ultimate sacrifice. Born and raised in…

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John Neary (left) and Edward Munshower (right)

Meet Our Board: John Neary

  How long have you lived in New York – Where did you live before that? I’ve lived in New York for fifty-five years. Before that I lived in the Republic of Ireland Where you or any of your family members of the Police, Fire, EMS, or PAPD? Yes, my father and brothers served as…

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Meet Our Marathon Team: Marie DiDonato

After Marie DiDonato and her husband attended our Annual Gala as a guest of honorary chair Emily DiDonato, she went home and started to research ways to get involved with our organization. At the same time, she was also looking for a way to challenge herself physically when she came across the opportunity to run on Team Answer the…

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Meet Our 2016 Summer Interns

We are thrilled to have 5 talented college students interning with us this summer.  They have done an amazing job helping us with a variety of projects, including planning our Annual Game & Family Day last week! We would like to introduce you to each of them! Lamar Nava Corporate Communications at University of Texas…

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